Sensory Analysis

JLA provides sensory analysis and consulting services for the food and beverage industries.

 JLA has developed a sensory system which is capable of characterizing flavor attributes in raw materials as well as finished products. We have extensive experience in sensory analysis of peanuts.

Collaboration & Panelist Training

JLA has an internal check system that provides yearly training. Flavor panelists participate in monthly collaborations to maintain certification. In addition, JLA’s standards and training tools are maintained by a third party sensory lab.

Peanut Off-Notes

  • Burnt
  • Cardboardy
  • Earthy
  • FSOR (Fermented/Sour/Overripe Fruit)
  • Metallic
  • Musty/Moldy
  • Painty/Old Oil
  • Plastic/Chemical


Test results are available by phone, fax or email.

Inherent Peanut Characteristics

AromaticsBasic TasteChemical Feeling
Roasted PeanuttySweetAstringent
Dark RoastSour 
Raw Beany/GreenBitter 
Sweet AromaticsSalty 
Woody/Hull Skins

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