JLA provides more than testing services. Our highly trained and certified sensory analysts provide assistance with education, customer quality assurance programs, lexicon development, client specifications and product development. Whether it is incoming raw materials or outgoing finished products, let us help you in Getting It Right Before It Ships®. JLA is capable of providing on-site training and consulting services as well as sample preparation.

Our services range from advising farmers on the preparation of land for the evaluation of agrochemical efficacy, to the performance of non-irrigated and irrigated seeds, to the logistics of exporting. Because our consultation covers such a broad range of issues, the producer or industry can expand their views and possibilities for commerce or research, depending on our know-how as a source.

As we work together, we are able to shorten the distance between the requirements of the most significant food customers in the world and local producers. We do this by the advice we provide to help producers meet consumer standards, the evaluation and interpretation of the different specifications, and the training to align the criteria of the production laboratories with those of the purchasing client.

Our participation also includes the legal design of the labels for the finished product destined for various markets and the paperwork related to registration with the FDA.

Knowing what the most significant consumers in Europe and the USA need allows us to work in close association with producers and suggest the best opportunities for manufacturing and ingredient supply.

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